Friday, April 8, 2011

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Preview

From a glance, it may look like a Gears of War clone, but it's got the charm of one of the most famous gaming franchises in history... Warhammer 40k. I'm hoping there's a cover system in addition to the similar gameplay experience as Gear of War. I had a blast playing Gears and so I hope I'll be having a blast playing this one too. There's no confirmed release date for this one yet, but I'll definitely be keeping my eye out.

Here's a trailer:


  1. I couldn't stand it anymore... but with the will of the God Emperor, I was able to move on.
    It was the 12th day on the planet Celeron. My Captain was shot in the head by the damned Orks. I was promoted to Srg., and had to lead my squad, which was 12, 4 with the holy bolters, 2 with the flamers, and the rest with the standard bolters.

    As the 13th day came about, a scout spotted the Orks gathering in a nearby forest. He said there was about 62 of them, no Nob Leader. We setted up camp on a hill by noon...

    When the 4th moon rose, the Orks began their charge. I laugh at their stupidity for being so noisy. We were ready, everything planned out. The Orks came from the east of the hill, which had mines tactically placed. When the mine triggered, about a dozen Orks were blown to red mist. We made it rain the holy bullets of the God Emperor. The Orks were getting mowed down, but they were coming closer.

    I called off the fire, and commenced a melee battle. With the Emperor on our side, we could not fail. As I ran down the hill, I raised my Chainsword and cut an Ork horizontally in two. Following with a Level 2 Spin, I quickly stabbed the Ork that was charging on my front. As I ran down the hill with my brothers, I knew I was fighting with the bravest Space Marines of the Imperium.

    The Orks' moral was decreasing. We chased them back into the woods and away from our sight. But we knew that they would return, and in greater numbers. We counted a total of 53 Orks slain, and 5 brave Space Marines that died in the Emperor's name.

    After the 6th moon, reinforcement arrived, and we drove the Orks off of the planet Celeron. The chapter Librarian awarded me with the promotion to Adv. Srg, and he told me that our battle shall be recorded in the Chapter's Archives.

    To be forever remembered and never forgotten...

    Give me 10,000 soldiers or give me 100 Space Marines...

  2. BTW... it's coming out in AUG 2011, but may get delayed like most games...