Monday, April 18, 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening

One of my top ten favorites, just above Phoenix Wright series, Links Awakening has a special place in my heart. Released for the Nintendo Game Boy and again for the Game Boy Color, and now a port to the 3DS, Links Awakening offered many new innovations for Zelda games to come.

Links have crashed onto the shores of Khoto island after sailing his boat in a thunderstorm. Rescued by Marlin, Links retrieves his sword at the beach where he washed onto, and activates a chain of events. Links needs to get off the island, but the mysterious owl tells him that Links needs to "awaken" the sacred Wind Fish in order to go. The story has a darker side as the player progresses, and the ending made me shed a tear.

Links Awakening offers new gameplay elements for the series. The first is the trading system. You had to obtain a Yoshi doll and trade it for another item, that would be traded again until the last item is obtained. The trade system forces the player to explore the world. Another new element is the side-scrolling view. Unlike Zelda II for the NES, this view played out like Mario, where Links was able to move with more precisely. Stealing from the shop was new to the series. If Links stole an item from the shop, the next time Links enters the shop, the shopkeeper will automatically kill Links and change Links name to THEIF. The most innovatice element is the A and B buttons. For the first time, the player is allowed the unequip the sword for another weapon. With all these new elements mixed with the old gameplay for the previous series, Links Awaking deserves a 10/10.

For a Game Boy game, the world of Links Awakening is large. The bosses are well done. The overworld looks fantastic. Links Awakening is appealing to the eyes of the gamer.

The Good:
-New elements of gameplay that was later added onto Ocarina of Time.
-Excellent storyline.

The Bad:
-Gets a little difficult every now and then.

Final Score: 9/10


  1. I remember getting killed by the shopkeeper. And you should mention the claw machine. It was pretty cool.

  2. yea the trading system and the yoshi doll is part of the claw mini game.