Friday, April 8, 2011

Ravages of Time

The Ravages of Time is a manhua by Chan Mou. The story is essentially the Romance of the three Kingdoms all over again. The time period has been adapted into many forms such as Dynasty Warriors and Ikkitousen, but The Ravages of Time is different.

The story is not focused on Liu Bei and his oath brothers. Instead, almost everyone is given time to develop in the story. Even unlikeable people like Yuan Shu are given a lot of plot significance. The initial chapters may be confusing, but the manhua's style is uniquely powerful. Chan Mou gives off different philosophies about the chaotic time and gives conflicting ideas equal support. The known characters of the time period receive different interpretations that seem to be more historically accurate. For example, Lu Bu is portrayed commonly as a powerful but unintelligent warrior in Dynasty Warriors. In The Ravages of Time, he is both strong and intelligent, capable of making schemes.

There is only one warning: the manhua is not complete yet. It is 300+ chapters in, and the end is nowhere in sight. Furthermore, rereading may be needed to understand who everyone is.

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