Sunday, April 24, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: SogeKing (Ussop from One Piece)

 "Wh-Where is the Island of Snipers?"-Chopper
"It is... It is inside your hearts"- SogeKing

Description- SogeKing is the King of Snipers. He was created by Ussop as an alternate personality. SogeKing used the "Kabuto" as a long range weapon. But after the timeskip, Soge King now uses the "Black Kabuto". He has very high marksman skills, thus the name Soge King. SogeKing wears a mask to hid his identity, which has helped in some cases, and a cape, which Luffy and Chopper considers Soge King to be a hero.

Why Pick Him- SogeKing is so awesome that he has his own theme song. His weapons of choice are hilarious such as the 1000 Ton Hammer. SogeKing can shoot very far, and can survive battles with life threatening injuries. His gags are funny. Not only does SogeKing excel in physcal combat, he is also amazing in psychological battles too. SogeKing is the best anime hero ever created.

Epic Moment- SogeKing's Theme Song:

-SogeKing's Theme Song 2:


SogeKing arriving to help Ussop in his time of need:
 -Summary: Ussop is fighting Persona's Bearsy, but he is in a bind. Suddenly, Ussop calls on SogeKing to help Ussop, leaving Persona confused about Ussop's action. 

Same battle from above, but Ussop/SogeKing wins by psychologically.
-Summary: Ussop has found Persona's body, and shot a sticky substance that disables Persona. He then releases bugs on Persona, making her freakout. Ussop pulls out one of his most dangerous attacks, Golden Hammer/10 Ton Hammer. Because Persona's mental state is already destroyed, she really believes that Ussop can carry 10 tons. Attacking Persona, the hammer pops, and the viewers laughs at Persona's stupidity and Ussop's most epic bluff.

Rating: Baddass Anime Hero

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