Sunday, April 17, 2011

Xu Huang

Xu Huang is a general of Cao Cao, and he's probably the best fighter in Cao Cao's group. But, surprisingly, he doesn't begin with Cao Cao. When Cao Cao is taking over Chang'an, Xu Huang is trying to help Yang Feng and the Emperor escape. Guo Si and Li Jue are chasing them, and then Cao Cao comes. With that, Xu Huang faces two enemies, and he takes on Cao Cao's group. He fights Xu Chu to a draw. Yes, that Xu Chu. The giant man.

Turns out, it is all a ploy by Xun Yu and Xu Huang. They planned the chaos from the start, and got Cao Cao to become the lord in Chang'an. As a general, Xu Huang is extremely good; he's the one that Lu Bu has the most trouble with.

Like a lot of other characters, Xu Huang does not have a lot of screentime.

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