Saturday, April 16, 2011


Unfortunately, FlyffyBunnyPwn will be losing its head writer, FluffyBunnyPwn (the narcissist guy has the audacity to name the blog after himself) . He has been busy with work and decided that I, Soaringhawk, should take over for a while. Until he feels like he has enough free time for the blog, I will do my best to make the posts as interesting as possible. I specialize in Ravages of Time and Anime Reviews, so I will be depending on domodragon53 for other reviews. Hopefully, FluffyBunnyPwn will return soon. If not, then I might consider adding other writers. But, my policy is the same as Cao Cao's: Don't question the employed, and don't employ the questionable.

(Edit) Just kidding. FluffyBunnyPwn would assemble his army and kill me if I tried something like this. For now I'll just stay in the rank of a grunt writer. But this is something that the warlords of Ravages of Time would actually consider. Those crazy thinkers, always planning far ahead...


  1. Sup, you spelled "resignation" as "resignition" hahahaha.

  2. ahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahaahahhahahahahhahaha

  3. Thank you for the correction, returned leader.