Sunday, April 17, 2011

Xiao Meng

Xiao Meng is the archer of the Handicapped Warriors. He, of course, has to have a handicap to be a part of the Handicapped Warriors. What's his handicap, you ask? Why is there a picture of Diaochan? And why is he and Diaochan in the same paragraph? Well, Xiao Meng is a eunuch, so his handicap is not having any testicles. Yes, Diaochan is a eunuch in The Ravages of Time. Shocking, eh?

Xiao Meng looks like a woman, so she regularly takes on the role of a woman to infiltrate and gather information. And she, I mean he, does just that to get close to Dong Zhuo. His archery skill is incredible. He regularly shoots down potential foes, and, when with Lu Bu, he gives Cao Cao lots of trouble.

As a beautiful person, Xiao Meng is attractive to many people. She fools Cao Cao by pretending to be Zhang Xiu's aunt, thus causing Cao Cao's great retreat. Lu Bu falls for him before knowing that he is a eunuch, and, afterward, still wants Xiao Meng. Liaoyuan Huo knows that Xiao Meng is a eunuch, but he loves him all the same.

Xiao Meng is one of the most interesting characters in the story. He even gets a full chapter that shows his life from when he when young up to the point where he dies. Yes, Xiao Meng dies. And what a horrible death it is.


  1. Xiao Meng is the best character among the other characters. I was hoping that he stays alive and live happily ever after at the end of the story but this is sad...he died and he died in very brutally death..i cried when i read this and that makes me stop reading this comic altogether. If only he can be revive back huhuhuu~~

  2. I agree. Xiao Meng lived a pretty cruel life. He grows up as a eunuch during a good time, but then his whole life gets ruined by the overthrow of the eunuchs. Then he becomes the assassin for the Handicapped Warriors, but he always feels confusion between his feelings. His gender is sometimes ambiguous because, as Sun Shu said, Xiao Meng thinks like a woman. And don't stop reading The Ravages of Time yet. What if more characters like Xiao Meng shows up?

  3. ROT is the best manhua support it ^_^V

  4. I agree, ROT is the best manhua that I know of.

  5. There should be ROT fanfictions

  6. ROT is the best manhua is really great and it gave me great hurt too :( I cry everytime thinking about the sad love story between Xiao Meng and Liao YuanHuo :(..that's so beautiful yet so sad :(. Xiao Meng and Liao YuanHuo are 2 characters I love the most in ROT..

    After the death of Xiao Meng, everything still going on, Yuan Huo also keep going on (but I supposed his heart already closed after the death of Xiao Meng)and he will continue walking on the long road of story...I just hope when he dies he will get to see Xiao Meng again :)..Their love story is too beautiful and sad. Love them so much.

    There actually have a novel series which were approved by Chan Mou ...the novel series wrote about the liFe oF some main characters in ROT and one of them wrote about Xiao Meng sad life and about his relationship with Yuan Huo..if u get to read it..u will see actually CHan Mou really means it when he make Xiao Meng and Yuan Huo loves each other..their love is really beautiful and pitiful bcoz they love each other but hardly can say it out...til it getting to late and Xiao Meng died :(...anyway, it is really beautiful ^_^

    I just come cross ur blog when I search for Xiao Meng and Liao Yuan Huo on google..but I loves it to find a Xiao Meng I want to drop a comment..hehe

  7. is her crotch smooth (clean cut) why xiao meng look like girl