Saturday, April 16, 2011

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a very unique game from Capcom. This game was for the Game Boy Advance and the DS. For this review, I will review the version for the DS because many Phoenix Wright fans enjoy the DS version more.

You play as the spiky haired, fresh from law school, defense attorney: Phoenix Wright. You guide Phoenix Wright through 5 chapters in the game. Each chapter relates to each other and the characters involved, giving the characters some development. The story at some point is sad, epic, and cheerful. I loved how the story and characters were build up to the very last moment of the game.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has two game play element. One is the investigation part, and the other involves the courtroom. The investigation is similar to the point-and-click games on the PC. You look around a scene and point out things of interest. When you have collected all the evidence you need for the case, the real game begins. The court battles involves reading what the witness says and finding contradictions from their statements. And when you do find a contradiction, the "epic" music plays...

This game look amazing. Even thought you only see the top half of everyone's body, the expression of their faces are well done. The Anime-looks on the character makes the courtroom more colorful than it seems.

Music is a very strong point for this game. It provides the correct moods during the events in the game. Be it a sad scene or a scene when you are winning in the court, the music never fails.

The Good:
-The character developments
-The clever case
-Excellent music
-Awesome presentations

The Bad:
-Very few parts of the game requires a walkthrough, only if you don't know what you are doing.

Total Score-10/10

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