Sunday, April 24, 2011

Best of Anime Soundtracks: Gedo Senki

Well, I've noticed that all the music that have been presented for the best of Anime Soundtracks and Best of Video Game Soundtracks have been very fast-paced, intense songs. But not all music has to be like that to be good. In Gedo Senki, that down-to-earth music, that music that resonates in the primal emotions of the human heart, that music is what the soundtrack of Gedo Senki possesses. I may not have been able to say what I meant by the music, but just by listening you may understand how I feel when I listen to the music. These tracks are sad, but I believe that there is a hint of hope in them and not just complete sadness.

No He:

Teru no Uta (acapella):

Teru no Uta (Not from movie):

After all, where do you think that I got my name from?

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