Sunday, April 24, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: Jiguro Musa


Alright, now that dumodragon35 has stolen picked selected robbed murdered posted on Nanashi from Sword of the Stranger (notice how I did the review and actually saw the whole movie) I have no choice but to do my character analysis on someone else. And I have decided on Jiguro from Serei no Moribito.

Jiguro is from the country Kanbal and is the youngest and highest ranked Spear in that country (there are nine total at any given time). He is best friends with the King's physician. Unfortunately, the physician is caught up in the middle of a plot to kill the king. Rogsam, the King's brother, wants the throne and forces the physician to give poison to the king slowly. The physician tells Jiguro about the plot, and then says that both he and his daughter will die because he knows too much. Therefore he asks Jiguro's help to take his daughter away. Jiguro, at the height of his career and the most respected person in Kanbal, of course says no. Why would he sacrifice everything he has?

Later, though, Jiguro saves the daughter of the physician. The name of the daughter? Balsa, the main character in the series. Jiguro runs with Balsa away from Kanbal and arrive in New Yogo. They try their best to avoid the assassins sent after them, but they fail. Ultimately, Jiguro has to kill the other eight Spears sent as assassins. Among them is one of Jiguro's closest friend. Jiguro teaches Balsa everything that he knows, and she becomes one of the most powerful fighters in the series.

Jiguro, sacrificing everything that he has, runs away with Balsa. Living a life of constant worry and hardship, it seems like he made a bad decision. But he acted with his heart, and that was enough for him. As Jiguro's friend was dying he smiled and said, "So you finally have something to protect..." As Jiguro killed the last of the Spears, Balsa told Jiguro that she would leave. She knew that she brought hardship to him. Jiguro replied, "No, I enjoyed this life that we created together" For Jiguro, even though he lost everything, he gained a new life with someone else. And that is enough for him to continue living.

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