Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guan Yu

.....alright. I guess it's finally time to do the Peach Brothers, starting with Guan Yu. The reason why I delayed doing one of the three is that they aren't my favorite characters in the story....that and I'm running out of characters to do. So let's begin with Guan Yu, the legendary warrior.

Guan Yu is easily one of the most powerful officers in the story. He shows his power first when he defeats Hua Xiong in a duel. Keep in mind that Hua Xiong killed eight other officers before this, and Guan Yu just comes along and one hits the guy. Then he shows that he can fight Lu Bu equally on many of the encounters that they have. And against Sun Ce, he fights the guy to a draw (I'm guessing that it's a draw because the manhua didn't show the fight). Even when he moves with Cao Cao for a while, Guan Yu keeps his loyalty to Liu Bei. In fact, that's probably why I don't like Guan Yu that much. Where is his flaw? Other than the fact that he's not genius level smart. At least Lu Bu has hubris. And I'm sorry if this is short. You can probably tell that Guan Yu isn't well liked by me. But I at least recognize his ability.

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