Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Borderlands Review

A 4-player first person shooter RPG co-op with hundreds of weapons and a wide array of enemy types to kill? Sounds like a dream come true.

Story: 6/10

You are one of four characters searching for the vault which contains an infinite amount of treasure on a planet called Pandora while a blue spirit girl guides you along the way. That's it. What? You expected more? Story is the weakest part of this adventure. But in this game, the fun isn't about finding what treasures lay hidden in the vault, the fun is about your adventure in getting there.

Gameplay: 9/10

A solid first person shooter at first glance with some RPG elements, Borderlands boasts character-specific abilities, hundreds of weapons to choose from, and many enemies to kill them with. Four players can play together at any given time, dropping in and out as they wish. There are four classes to choose from: a heavy melee guy named Brick, a tactical girl who can cloak named Siren, Mordecai, a gunslinger with a hawk as his pet, and Roland, a soldier who can deploy turrets. While each character has their own abilities, the first person shooter aspect of the game still plays similar to each other. The RPG elements include gaining EXP and leveling up, and being able to allocate points to power up your character in simple skill trees.

Presentation/Performance: 8/10

With simple cell-shaded graphics, this game ran flawlessly with 60+ FPS maxed out on my rig. The cell-shading art is really a hit or miss, some loved the comic aspect of it, some loathed it.

The Good:

- So many things to kill and loot
- FPS + RPG is always welcome
- Dropping in and out feature is useful
- Open world freeplay seem endless
- Multiple DLCs adds replay value
- Epic boss battles and set pieces

The Bad:

- Can get boring after a while if you're playing alone
- Crappy gun sounds
- Missions can get very repetitive
- High latency can be frustrating when trying to join games
- May require grinding in order to pass certain levels

FluffyBunnyPwn gives it 8/10 overall.

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