Monday, April 18, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: Phoenix Wright

"Objection!"- Phoenix Wright

Bio-Phoenix Wright is a fresh defense attorney lawyer that was thrown in the courtroom against one of the best prosecutors, Miles Edgeworth. Their childhood relationship and rivalry helps develop their character and mind set.

Why Choose Him- Phoenix Wright wins the impossible cases. When all hope is lost, at the final moment, Phoenix Wright will make a critical claim that turns the case arounds. His catch phrase "Objection!" is well known, adding to his epicness. Along with his catch phrase, the "epic" music comes along to carry on the torch of his pure epicness. Phoenix Wright fights for the people who are left vunerable. He is a hero and has made many friends due to his "chivary".

Epic Moments (may contain spoiler): When his rival, Miles Edgeworth, is accused for a crime, nobody steps up to the stage to help Edgeworth, only Phoenix Wright. Even Edgeworth discards Wright's help, but later accepts it. Even though Wright finds out that he will go against a proececutor that never lost a case, when all the evidence points at Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright stands in the way of injustice. He allows people to rise from their misfortune and be reborn with a new future.

Rating: Badass Lawyer


  1. He's one of my favorite video game characters. The way he acts, speaks and carries his attire is suitable for a professor. I wonder what inspired the creator(s) of this hero. Could it be that they were aspiring lawyers way back?

  2. “Objection”! Hahaha! I’ve been using that word more often because of this game. I admit: I’m hooked to the game. Well, it is one of the best games I’ve ever played. That question by Alecia intrigues me. Perhaps the makers of this game consulted professional lawyers to clear out the mechanics.