Monday, April 18, 2011

Chrono Trigger Review

Chrono Trigger is an amazing game. With a superb storyline, beautiful gameplay, and just looking gorgeous, Chrono Trigger is Square Enix's "Hero of Time".

The story starts off with Chrono going to the Millennial Fair, in 1000AD, to meet his inventor friend, Lucca. While Chrono is in the fair, he bumps into the princess of the kingdom, Marle. They both meet up with Lucca, while Lucca is presenting her newest invention, teleportation machine. Marle steps up as a volenteer to teleport, but her neckalace disturbs the machine and throws Marle off into the past. This is where the adventure begins, timetraveling to different eras on the planet. The best part about the storyline is the alternate endings. The alternate endings provides "What if" scenerios. The story kept me playing until the very end of the game.

Chrono Trigger's game play mechanics were superb for its time. Instead of walking around to for random encounters to occur, you can see the enemy on current screen. The battle occurs on the screen also, so no transitioning into and out of battle. In Chrono Trigger, there are skills called "techs". Each character has their own unique techs, according to their element type, and can use "double tech" and "triple tech". These combo techs were amazingly thought out so no character would be useless. The game play mechanics, alone, is enough to make this game a classic.

For a Super Nintendo game, Chrono Trigger was beautifully drawn out. Each character had their own expression, and unique animation, designed by the man who also made designed the Dragon Quest characters and Dragon Ball Z characters, Akira Toriyama. The battle animation is awesome, along with the combo techs. The music for this game is a masterpiece. Look out for my personal pick for Chrono Trigger's music.

The Good:
-Epic Storyline
-Great Gameplay mechanics
-Beautiful looking game
-Lots of replayability

The Bad:

Final Score:10/10


  1. Hahahaha. What is this? The first game where there is nothing wrong?

  2. yes it is perfect game asshole for its age it was god like

  3. Sir (or Ma'am, this is my signature parentheses) calm down. I am not bashing Chrono Trigger. Rude comments like yours will be made fun of and laughed at for a couple of weeks. Even I know when to stop with my backstabbing.