Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Space Marine(Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War)

"It is better to die for the Emperor than to live for yourself."- unknown Space Marine.

tion-Mounted with the heaviest armor of the Imperium of Man, equipped with weapons blessed by the God Emporer, and the defenders of Humanity, the Space Marines are mankind's only of survival against aliens, such as Orks, Eldars, and the Chaos Marines. A Space Marine is a warrior that serves under the God Emporer of the Imperium. He has been genetically modified, and tested through harsh environments. A Space Marine can with stand the wounds that a regular human cannot. He is physically stronger and his mental stableness has been trained. A Space Marine is the best of the best.

Epic Moment- A Space Marine, Brother Domo, is in a drop pod, being dropped into the middle of a firefight to help a group of fellow Space Marines. As he and his squad, four Space Marines, enters onto the planet's dry surface, only to be greeted with bullets from the ugly Orks. Brother Domo and his squad hides behind the drop pods too avoid taking damage. While they are in cover, Brother Domo tosses a grenade at the Orks. He then jumps out of cover and takes his chainsword out. At Brother Domo's war-cry, the other Space Marines jump from their cover and procede to push the Orks back. After the battle, Brother Domo and his squad head towards the other group of Space Marines.

Brother Domo messeges the other group,"This is Brother Domo. Where is your position Brother Dragon?"

"We are... the North Tower... We need...forcements... There are at least... of them..."

"Come on my Brothers! To the North Tower!" cries out Brother Domo. He and his squad proceeds as planned. As they reach closer to the site, resistance increases. Brother Domo has already lost 2 of his members to the Orks. As Brother Domo stabs an Ork, another swings its axe at Brother Domo. Right before it reaches him, the Ork is blown away. Looking around for the site of fire, Brother Domo spots Brother Dragon.

"My squad is gone. We got ambushed by the Orks and they had heavy artillery."said Brother Dragon. Before Brother Domo can say anything, both of his remaining Space Marine members are shot in the head.

"Snipers! Head for cover!" yells Brother Domo. While they are in the cover, Brother Domo tosses another grenade. Expecting the same response like before, both Brother Domo and Dragon jump from cover only to be greeted by 53 Orks.

"Space Marines," yells the Nob Leader,"you are surrounded by my 53 Orks! Give up, and I'll make sure that I kill you... personally."

"Heh... Haven't you heard of the saying," says Brother Domo.

"Your 53 Orks against us two Space Marines! Don't waste my breath." finishes Brother Dragon.

"Hmm... Mighty cocky arn't you? We have the majority! How can you win?" spouts out the Nob Leader.

"That is where you are wrong. Us two are the majority. Your 53 puny rats ARE THE MINORITY!" yells Brother Domo.

-Epilogue: Both Brother Domo and Brother Dragon won the battle against the 53 Orks. Their battle was recorded in their Chapter Archives. And from this battle, that is where the saying comes from.

"One Space Marine against 10 Orks, the Space Marine is the majority"

Rating:Badass Soldier...EVAR!!

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