Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gundam Unicorn 1

Okay, this is my first episode review, but since each one of Unicorn's episodes is one hour long anyways, it'll probably be the same as ever other review I do. You know, format-less and with all the parentheses (oh good, I still know how to talk in this).

Unicorn (calling it by it's full name happens to be too much work even though I can type Breath of Fire 2 everytime without fail) takes place three years after Char's Counterattack (no, I didn't watch it but I know that Amuro and Char dies at the very en.....oops. Spoilers maybe....too late?), and the object of Zeon and the Federation is something called Laplace's Box. Nobody knows what it is, but it apparently has the power to change the balance of power in the Universal Century. And the key to opening the Box is (come on guess, why else would there be another Gundam release?) the Unicorn Gundam. Yes, and the creator/keeper of the Unicorn happens to have a son that doesn't know the family relationship.

That son is Banagher Links (ahahahaha looks like I stole domodragon53's favorite character name), and he is (at least I think he is) a Newtype, one of those that are able to control funnels and all that complicated weaponry. He pretty much doesn't like war, but, of course, he is forced into combat. He meets Audrey, the princess Zabi of Zeon in disguise, and he instantly does one of those "I gotta protect this girl although I barely know her". It's pretty annoying, but not too bad. Banagher isn't that bad of a Gundam protagonist. There's been worst ones (maybe the Wing boys and Seed, but I haven't seen Seed for a long time...{although I can say the same for Wing<oo, am I using different things besides parentheses now>}?).

But the animation though...Wow! Hold up, I have to do this FluffyBunnyPwn style because he gets more views this way. Ahem!

Animation 10/10

Yes, Unicorn is that good. It has a high budget, and it's released whenever it wants to be (don't take my word on that). The action scenes...damn! Sword of the Stranger and Serei no Moribito has some of the amazing animation that I've seen, but Unicorn is on a completely different level. It's like seeing the animation of 5 Centimeters per Second and comparing it (including the pretty colors and art) to everything before (by this I mean all the dumb stuff that I saw and not the good stuff that I didn't see). Except, its probably just the pretty colors that make me think that Unicorn is good. You know, what counts as animation anyways? Does the artwork count in it? If it doesn't, then I might have to reduce this score.

And here ends the FluffyBunnyPwn style of blogging. That was a bit easier than I thought, but there's no freedom there. So yeah, Unicorn 1 is really good. Oh, and Banagher gets the Unicorn Gundam to use. Can't forget that. Oh, and the awesome voice of Char Aznable (in the form of Full Frontal of course) makes a return. Can't forget that either.

Rating 1/10   9/10 (Dunno why, don't ask)

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