Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pang Tong

Pang Tong is the sixth genius and is one of the two highly regarded geniuses. He has the title Fledgling Phoenix for his achievement in figuring out one part of Dong Zhuo's plan at Luoyang. He first makes his appearance without loyalty to any one lord. Instead, since he has remained back and taught other advisers at Water Mirror's school, he is able to unite many small warlords together for one purpose: defeating Cao Cao. Pang Tong absolutely hates Cao Cao and does whatever necessary to try to kill the guy. He first hires Liaoyuan Huo to kill Cao Cao while simultaneously gets Zhang Xiu to rebel against Cao Cao because Cao Cao is supposedly sleeping with Zhang Xiu's aunt and also ambushes Cao Cao with the other warlords. Using this method, Cao Cao loses everything in a single moment. Dian Wei is killed by Huo, Cao Cao gains a bad reputation for taking rations from villages, but he lives thanks to his skilled generals. Pang Tong also gets the Sima clan destroyed because Cao Cao gets revenge for what happened, and Pang Tong gets away free.

Finally, though, Pang Tong decides to support Liu Bei, but he has not done anything major for Liu Bei. Rather, he went to the eastern region and helped Zhou Yu and Sun Ce kill the mystic Yu Ji. Pang Tong is still rather mysterious for the moment, and he still has potential to show his stuff. After all, he is the Fledgling Phoenix.

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