Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: Frog (Chrono Trigger)

"I am no pet, I am an accomplished swordsman, green as I may appear. "  -Frog

Bio: Frog was born a Human named Glenn. He was a squire for his friend, Knight Cyrus. After watching Magus kill Cyrus, Glenn tried to run away, but was turned into a Frog. Frog swore to avenge Cyrus by killing Magus.  He befriends with Chrono, and finds the legendary Masamune, an ancient broad sword that is good against Magus. After Frog defeats Magus, Frog was able to put Cyrus into state of peace, and Frog freed himself from his past.

Why Choose Him: Frog is a righteous “man”. He was his own code of honor that Frog follows. Frog is the true wielder of the Masamune sword. With the Masamune, Frog gets stronger with the ability to use “Water” magic on enemies and allies. Because Frog is part…frog… he is able to jump high, combining with his great strength, Frog is able to slay any monsters. In the game, Frog is able to dish out large damage, both physical and magical, and is able to heal allies, making Frog one of the most useful characters in the game. Like a true gentleman, Frog will jump from any pond to help his party members out.

Epic Moment: When Frog finally obtains the Masamune, Frog and Chrono moves to the Magic Cave. Standing infront of the foot of the mountain, Frog takes hold of the Masamune and cuts the mountain in half. The mountain moves out of the way, and the Magic Cave is left wide open for Frog’s quest to avenge Cyrus.

Rating: Badass Mountain Slayer

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