Monday, April 18, 2011

Best of Video Game Soundtracks: Final Fantasy 4 DS

Final Fantasy 4 is my favorite out of the series because of its complex plot and great character development. What accompanies best with those elements are the music from the game.

-The Final Battle: This song gets me pumped for the long hard final battle ahead. All the work your party has been through all depends on this final battle...

-Theme of Love:This song is my favorite from this game. It expresses the love that Cecil and Rosa share together. This song is so good that I decided to also post its orchrastreted form.



-Prolouge/Opening: This song expresses the entire game. The song gives a feeling of adventure, fulled with danger, but together with friends, the anything is possible.

Bonus-Opening: Mix the Prolouge and the Theme of Love and you end up with this song.

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