Sunday, April 17, 2011

Zhen Ji

Hahahaha. Don't worry. This time, I'm doing a character analysis on a woman and not a least I think that Zhen Ji is a woman. I'm not sure yet because she is new to the scene. And The Ravages of Time has a way of reinterpreting history.

Zhen Ji is currently the wife of Yuan Xi. There is a saying that describes her: "Two Qiaos of the eastern region, Zhen Fu of Hebei". Basically she is a great beauty. There is another saying that says, "Men lust for either power or women". As it stands, she is the cause of conflicts between the Yuan sons. They fight over her, and they weaken the Yuan clan's power because of that.

As of right now, she has only appeared once, but, since almost everyone in Ravages of Time is cunning, she'll probably have to big role to play.

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