Tuesday, April 26, 2011


                           (that's right, my full picture and not that half-sized avatar)

So lately I've noticed that everything has been going in favor of FluffyBunyPwn and domodragon53. I used to have the more popular posts, but I have been usurped by those two. What now? Well, this situation reminds me of the nameless adviser from The Ravages of Time. He serves Yuan Shu and is damn talented. But he has no name because he wants to stay that way. He is the reason for showing how people do not understand why nameless individuals suddenly rise to power.

Guess what? Mabye it's time for me to reform my writing style to be more similar to domodragon53 and FluffyBunnyPwn. Instead of my free-flowing, parentheses-filled posts, I will have structure and headings like everyone else. And then maybe I will be more liked.

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