Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shan Wu Ling

Shan Wu Ling is one of the most important female character in The Ravages of Time. She is at the head of the Shan clan, a merchant family that rivals Sima Yi's clan. Her clan funds Cao Cao, but she has some ties with the Sun clan in the east. Sun Quan is her foster brother, and she teases him a lot. In the Sun Ce arc, she meets Sima Yi, and everything becomes out of control for her.

She and her followers are captured by one of Yuan Shu's nameless advisers (but skilled dammit). She tries to seduce him to stay alive, but he doesn't take the bait. He calls her a worthless slut, and then Sima Yi comes in and helps her out with his morality speech. At this point she doesn't know that he is Sima Yi, and he says that he will marry her when this is all over. Of course, the Handicapped Warriors come in, and Sima Yi leaves with Shan Wu Ling.

Shan Wu Ling is an intelligent character. She is one of the few who embraces the ideology that staying alive, no matter how humiliating, is most important (the others being Sima Yi and Lu Bu). She marries Sima Yi, and has stepped into the background for now. Plus, she's prettier than Zhen Ji.

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