Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hunted: The Demon's Forge Review

A highly anticipated game of mines, did it live up to my standards?

Story: 7/10

The story is straightforward. You play as either Caddoc, the human muscle man, or Elaria, the elven archer as you try to figure out what is happening to the world around you. Pretty much out of nowhere, demons start coming out and kidnapping humans and taking them as slaves and it's up to you to go rescue them and get to the bottom of the situation. To my surprise, depending on how you play the game, you'll get different endings. The one I got... let's just say I'm going to have to replay the game again in a different way.

Gameplay: 9/10

The third person cover shooter aspect of it is right on. I played as the archer for my first playthrough, and perhaps for everytime thereafter too. Even though each character is more geared towards a specific fighting style, both can still engage in either long range or melee combat just fine. The game seemlessly integrates strategic hack and slash with third person shooting and with it comes a very smooth experience. Both characters can use magic to either buff each other up, or to strike at enemies. All in all, the gameplay nailed it for me.

Performance/Presentation: 8/10

The game didn't look drop dead gorgeous, nor did it look so fugly that I'd turn on my monitor. It's average. The game ran very well at 60+FPS most of the time at max settings. There are a variety of enemy types to fight and the rare pieces of armor that you pick up can change your appearance as well as your stats.

The Good:

- Solid gameplay mechanics
- The Crucible adds remarkable replayability
- If you have someone to play with, you're in for a treat

The Bad:

- Graphics are a bit outdated
- Random bugs here and there
- Story isn't so original

FluffyBunnyPwn gives it 8/10.

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