Monday, April 18, 2011

Best of Video Game Soundtracks: Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Although Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks have been bombarded with above average ratings, its music was amazing to me. I loved the "western" feel of the music because Links was able to use a train.

-Overworld Adventure: This song always made me pull the train's horn. It has a "pioneer" feel to it like as if I am about to explore the world of the Spirit Tracks.

-Link and Zelda's Duet: Throughout Links' and Zelda's adventure, they collect instrument to stop the evil forces. In this song, they both do a duet with the "spirits" of the instruments, and allows you to feel all the work and time you put in this game had payed off.

-Final Battle: Malladus: Following directly after Link and Zelda's Duet is this song. Of course it is the final battle, and damn this song gets me pumped every single time.

-The Spirit Flute: The last song is The Spirit Flute. This song basically summerizes the whole game. It is enchanting and mystical, like the land of Hyrule. It has the gentle nature of Links, yet strong as the Lokomo Sword that Links uses.

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