Sunday, April 17, 2011

Best of Video Game Soundtracks: Phoenix Wright (The First 3 Series)

The Phoenix Wright series have always been my favorites. One of the main reason why it is my favorite series is the music. Here are

-Turnabout Sister(PW:AA): This theme is very soothing for the game. I like it because it shows the lighter side of the game.

-Examination Allegro(PW:AA): This song brings out the tension during a critical time in the cross examinations.

-End(PW:TT): This song summarizes the feeling the player has after the game. The player feels everything is concluded and now can be left in the past. I felt, from this song, that the Phoenix Wright series have matured, along with its characters.

-Because the music, "Cornered" is so good and different from each game, here is a bonus link to all three of them, in orchestra form.

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