Monday, April 18, 2011

Xu Chu

Xu Chu is one of Cao Cao's best generals, and it's not hard to see why. His size towers over everyone else, and he has the fighting power to back it up. He wears some heavy horse armor; these are so thick that weapons have a hard time getting through. He is initially sent as a spy by Lu Bu, but Xu Chu defects to Cao Cao after learning about Dong Zhuo's death.

Xu Chu's first appearance pits him against Liaoyuan Huo, the person who fought Lu Bu to a stalemate. Xu Chu immediately dominates the match, but Huo manages to get in one shot to the neck that fatally wounds Xu Chu. Guo Jia even remarks that if Xu Chu was with Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu would not have succeeded. Against Lu Bu at Puyang, though, Xu Chu gets dominated without landing a single wound on Lu Bu. Against Sun Ce's army, Xu Chu fights Zhou Tai to a draw. Against the Mount Tai generals at Xiapi, Xu Chu kills all four of them.

Xu Chu is a monster. His greatest achievement so far, I think, is rescuing Cao Cao from Zhang Xiu. Pursued by an army, Xu Chu flees with Cao Cao. When crossing a deep river, Xu Chu carries the horse and Cao Cao across, while Zhang Xiu's soldiers sink into the water. Had Xu Chu not been there, Cao Cao would have surely died.

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