Monday, April 25, 2011

New Writers

Ahem! I am pleased to announce (no not really but I have to be diplomatic here) that there will be two new writers for FluffyBunnyPwn (seriously, the nerve of the guy), nomnomturtle and OmegaliskX79 (at least they are keeping the animal motif strong). Now we really have a big team (more followers for my rebellion later...hint hint). In fact, I think that we have the five man band and the sixth ranger. Well, it would be nice if someone would comment on this post and congratulate them on joining the blog (you know, for me to get the most comments). But of course, there is the chance of disappointment. Remember 4DKitty? Huh, who's that? EXACTLY. That other blogger that joined FluffyBunnyPwn (what a narcissist guy huh?) has not posted anything yet. How much do you want to bet that these new ones will be the same? Honestly, I don't know what FluffyBunnyPwn was thinking when he recruited these guys.

Well, I'll be tagging out right here and INTRODUCING THE NEW DUAL STRIKE SYSTEM (cause we have been playing a lot of Advance Wars: Dual Strike)


domodragon53 will be taking over from this point forth.

(domodragon53)- I really think that SoaringHawk is right. We don't really know what these newbies are capable of so I ask that they each post twice a day. Thus, we will know that they are really determined to be in this band wagon.  However, I really think that OmegaliskX79 should change his name because there is no such animal. I think that his username should be changed to... Dung_Beetle909. "nomnomturtle"?? Really?? More like "I shall post twice a day, turtle". But in all seriousness, I hope that these new members pull their share of the job and get this wagon moving into a bustling city... like... you think of one, SoaringHawk.


Okay domodragon53, thank you for your input. Yes, the city that we will use is Water Seven from One Piece. A damn good city if I do say so myself. If we ever become has prosperous as Water Seven then this hawk will no longer soar alone. However, the more we expect something, the more disappointing the results. Already we have lost with 4DKitty; I fear that these new ones will not pass the test. If only FluffyBunnyPwn (bless his selfish name) could see the dilemma now...he would have let me chose the new writers. These two will have to work hard to recover. Now....

CO SWAP Well, I guess that domodragon53 is done for this post. Now, comment your thoughts and play Advance Wars: Dual Strike!

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