Monday, April 18, 2011

(BTW 100th Post)Anime and Video Game Characters: General Warfield(Starcraft 2)

"Whether it's blind luck or damn fool courage, in all my years, I've never seen anything like what you two jokers have pulled off."- General Warfield
Bio- A Confederate marine that rose through the ranks at an incredible speed. During the Guild Wars, Warfield met Mengsk and they recognized each others abilities. When the newly Terran Dominion formed, Warfield was promoted to General status. he fought during the Brood War and retired. But during the Second Great War, the Zerg invasion forced Mengsk, the new leader of the Dominion, to reactivate General Warfield's duty. General Warfield fought Jim Raynor's forces in the Korhal City. When they met again, they allied themselves to fight against the Zergs on Char.

Why Choose Him- General Warfield punched a Hydralis, that knocked it out, and survived to tell the tale. This is reasons enough to choose him.

Epic Moment- When his battlecruiser crashed onto Char, General Warfield rallied his men to hold the Zergs until reinforcements came. During their defense, the Zerg broke through and killed most of his troops. General Warfield was confronted by a Hydralisk that shot out poisonous spines to his right arm. The hydralisk then attacks General Warfield with its arms, which was caught by General Warfield's right hand that was poisoned. He proceed his next move. Under his breath, General Warfield whispered, "Falcon Punch!". A blue light then shines on him, showing acient Xel'Naga writing that slowing translate into English. It says "General Warfield: OVERDRIVE LIMIBREAK LEVEL 3: ACTIVATE!" General Warfield proceeds to punch the Hydralisk straight into the face, knocking it out. Another one then jumps at General Warfield, during his cool down of his punch, and was shot down by Jim Raynor. After the battle, General Warfield stays on the battlefield, now with his right arm replaced for a robotic arm that can transform into a gun.

Cutscene where General Warfield's Epic Moment:

Rating: An Epic General for the 100th Post

(Edit): Thanks to Soaringhawk for helping me to achieve the 100th post! Next time, I will help him achieve the 200th post.

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