Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shining Soul 2(Game Boy Advance)

Shining Soul 2 is the Diablo 2 for the Game Boy Advance(GBA). It is a action-RPG game that involves dungeon exploration and boss fights.

During a tournament, the king is told that his daughter is kidnapped. He sends his most trusted warrior, Deatharte. While Deatharte is away, the king is still concerned about the goblins gathering near the castle and he sends the player to investigate. The player goes into the goblin camp, and finds out that they had captured the princess. After going through the castle, which holds the princess, it is revealed that the Chaos Knights are planning to conquer the world. That leaves the player as the only hero to stop them.

The story is very simple and linear. On my first playthrough, I didn't really care much about the story. It is not intresting and doesn't keep the player involved.

As stated before, this game is a Action-RPG dungeon crawler, like Diablo 2. Move witht the control pad, "A" is hit and "B" is the hotkey for using items, like herbs. With very simple controls, how did this game get a 8/10? Its skill system and class types. Before every new game, you are offered to choose 8 different classes. Everytime you level up, you can allocate 4 points to your 4 stats attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, and Intellegence. You are also given 1 point to upgrade 1 skill. If you want to upgrade a spell, it will be upgraded to Lvl 2, but if you upgrade it again, you must have 2 points for the next level. With these elements, it gives the game a lot of replayability.

Also, in this version, there is a "special" that can be used on enemies. You need to equip a soul item and defeat enemies to build up the bar.

Everyone looked different. All the classes had their own 10 colors. Unique designs for each classes. THe monsters looked well drawn out. Everything else in this game was just average.

The Good:
-Diablo-like expierence
-Great Multiplayer
-New Game +

The Bad:
-Boss Fights maybe hard
-Hard to earn money in the beginning

Final Score:8/10

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