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Hmong Movies

It's true and you know it!

New Change

As of right now, there is now a count of how many posts each of us writers have done. It's on the right side where the tags are. Fluffybunnypwn's count will be listed as Z: Fluffybunnypwn (insert current number) and if you click, you will see all the posts Fluffybunnypwn has done. The same goes for domodragon53. Z:domodragon53 (insert current number). And same goes for me Z: Soaringhawk (insert the highest number). Bakaneko and MonkeyKidd will have to get at least 15 posts each before I add their names to the new category.

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I Like You

I wanna try this method out someday, hahahahahaha.

Zhang Fei

My favorite of the Peach Brothers, Zhang Fei knows what needs to be done to make Liu Bei a successful sovereign. While Liu Bei would be content to live as a sandal maker, Zhang Fei uses tricks and cunning ideas to elevate Liu Bei's status. So not only his he one of the strongest warriors, he is also meticulous and thinks far ahead (not like Dynasty Warriors where he is portrayed as a brute). Zhang Fei fights Lu Bu equally in many encounters (not really, he gets whooped once and has Guan Yu to help in another).

In addition to this, Zhang Fei is a great artist (apparently this is a skill that not many know), and he happens to be able to copy handwriting. So all he has to do is copy the lord of Xuzhou's handwriting (he does) and he writes a will making Liu Bei the governor of the place. Afterward Zhang Fei loses the place on purpose to Lu Bu to get Liu Bei to realize that being blindly loyal will harm the people. As Zhang Fei says: There is a method to my madness.

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Point Blank Long Distance

Liu Bei

This is the man of benevolence, the man who's reputation is greater than any other. This is Liu Bei, the man who always gets his ass kicked and always rises back up to power. He is one third of the Peach Brothers, the most loyal of loyal individuals. And.....he is an excellent judge of character. No seriously, that doesn't sound like such a good ability, but it's damn useful. If a lord has a lot of people on his side, it's damn useful to know who is a traitor and who is not. Or else the lord will end up like Niu Fu (of course, Niu Fu willingly sacrificed himself to destroy Lu Bu).

But anyways, Liu Bei's most trustworthy officers are Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, and they have to work hard to make sure that Liu Bei isn't cheated of anything. Liu Bei is sort of has a mood swing whenever he has an epiphany, and then he becomes a scary individual. As a character, I like him way better than Guan Yu but less than Zhang Fei. Heck, I think the only reason I don't like the Peach Brothers is because of Guan Yu. Liu Bei will end up with Shu at the end, but as of right now, he is in hiding with Yuan Shao.

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Three idiots stumbled into our domain. One by one they decided to try their luck at this game. One by one they imprinted their names (except 4DKitty, she never did anything). The Omegalisk looking dude made Perfect Dark. Oh how joyous we were, for the potential of a new competitor was on everyone's mind (not really, we woulda ate him like a fly). The Turtle who eats made a sensation with her K-music. Everyone saw a great future full of challenges from Anonymous Jay-walker. However, the Turtle disappeared from the face of the place.

Little did they affect the island of FluffyBunnyPwn, little were they noticed by anyone. Had they united together they might have overtaken the island. Now they will disappear into obscurity. They are Nikanoru (Breath of Fire 2 anyone?). Nikoranu, the dead ones. They were never alive, never here for life. No fame, no glory; only silence can be given to Nikoranu. They wanted to have a taste of fame and power. Now that they had their chance, they are gone.

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Hmong Wedding

Okay, this one I actually thought about for a little bit and I've still got more up my sleeve, about 5-6 more to be exact, hahahahaha. Hope you guys enjoy it.

FluffyBunnyPwn's First Stupid Web Comic

Please excuse the lameness of this piece of work. It was done in less than 10 minutes and almost no thought went into it. Hope you still enjoy it.

Farewell to the Cat, the Turtle, and the weird-looking Beetle

The Bunny, the Dragon, and the Hawk sat down and had a very long and hard talk about this... about 10 seconds worth. We decided that because they were unable to produce worthwhile posts, or even posts at all, they were to be removed from our blog as writers. If they ever feel like they want to write again, as if they ever did, they're more than welcome to come back. Until then... Farewell.

Green Lantern (2011) Review

DC superheroes have sort of been "meh" compared to Marvel superheroes, of course with the exception of Batman. Green Lantern has been under my radar, but it stood far behind Thor, X-Men First Class, and Captain America for the summer. How's all the green going to fare?

"Everyone has fear, but you have the power to overcome it."

Let me just start off by saying, I don't know anything about Green Lantern. All I know is that there's many generations of human green lanterns and they are part of a universal group of superheroes who protect the universe from evil by harnessing the power of willpower, thus the green color. Well then, what's willpower's greatest enemy? Fear, and... for some reason that's yellow. Anyways, the good guys and bad guys are color coded, so you know exactly who's on what side.

Now... also in the same DC universe, there's Batman, who also uses the idea of fear in his story. In Green Lantern, Hal Jordan must not give in to fear and overcome it with courage and willpower. In Batman, Bruce Wayne embraces his fear and uses that to inflict fear on evil, kind of like fighting fire with fire. Now who's cooler? Batman of course.

What I'm trying to say is, Green Lantern had soooo much potential. With a bad script and directing, the film felt rushed. Blake Lively was beautiful no doubt, but their little loveline was kind of pointless. To be blunt, Green Lantern was all over the place. The CGI effects felt really "yesterday" and pales in comparison to other superhero movies *ahem* X-Men Origins and Thor *ahem*.

I enjoyed the movie for what it was, but I found myself looking at my watch several times throughout the movie.

FluffyBunnyPwn gives it 6/10.

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Kar: The Mage of Nague

Kar sailed in his small vessel towards a small island no bigger than his home village. After being robbed of his amulet, Kar had been chasing the thief for six days. Even with the summoning of a magic wind, Kar could not catch up, for the thief himself was also skilled in magic. From the great port city of Basque they had begun their conflict, and on this small island their differences would finally be settled.

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MonkeyKidd going Pro in Leage of Legends? Ivy LoL

So MonkeyKidd won't be on the blog for a while because he will be playing League of Legends...LOL i know ahaha. But he will be playing to win some $$$$$. Oh what is Ivy LoL? Well it's a college tournament in the US...UofArkansas was not on there so he register the school and got some friends and tSn(TeamSkyNite) from school to join. So far we have 6 people including me(Team Coordinator). The games maybe broadcast live, since its a college tournament just like the college starcraft II tournaments. Any ways MonkeyKidd will be practicing with his team to cooperate and learn new tricks and team work battle tactics.
Wish Team UofA the bestest luck in win the IvyLoL. aha

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Guan Yu

.....alright. I guess it's finally time to do the Peach Brothers, starting with Guan Yu. The reason why I delayed doing one of the three is that they aren't my favorite characters in the story....that and I'm running out of characters to do. So let's begin with Guan Yu, the legendary warrior.

Guan Yu is easily one of the most powerful officers in the story. He shows his power first when he defeats Hua Xiong in a duel. Keep in mind that Hua Xiong killed eight other officers before this, and Guan Yu just comes along and one hits the guy. Then he shows that he can fight Lu Bu equally on many of the encounters that they have. And against Sun Ce, he fights the guy to a draw (I'm guessing that it's a draw because the manhua didn't show the fight). Even when he moves with Cao Cao for a while, Guan Yu keeps his loyalty to Liu Bei. In fact, that's probably why I don't like Guan Yu that much. Where is his flaw? Other than the fact that he's not genius level smart. At least Lu Bu has hubris. And I'm sorry if this is short. You can probably tell that Guan Yu isn't well liked by me. But I at least recognize his ability.

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Kar: Sidestory

Kar walked towards the grand city of Albaha, the greatest of the cities in the eastern region. There the best of smiths sold their creations, the most talented of mages sold their services. The strongest warriors sold their arms, the skilled poets sold their songs. The richest of merchants prospered, the aspiring ones begun their journey towards success. And the wise keepers of knowledge hid themselves from view. In his thirties, Kar himself could have been counted as one of those with knowledge.

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Hunted: The Demon's Forge Review

A highly anticipated game of mines, did it live up to my standards?

Story: 7/10

The story is straightforward. You play as either Caddoc, the human muscle man, or Elaria, the elven archer as you try to figure out what is happening to the world around you. Pretty much out of nowhere, demons start coming out and kidnapping humans and taking them as slaves and it's up to you to go rescue them and get to the bottom of the situation. To my surprise, depending on how you play the game, you'll get different endings. The one I got... let's just say I'm going to have to replay the game again in a different way.

Gameplay: 9/10

The third person cover shooter aspect of it is right on. I played as the archer for my first playthrough, and perhaps for everytime thereafter too. Even though each character is more geared towards a specific fighting style, both can still engage in either long range or melee combat just fine. The game seemlessly integrates strategic hack and slash with third person shooting and with it comes a very smooth experience. Both characters can use magic to either buff each other up, or to strike at enemies. All in all, the gameplay nailed it for me.

Performance/Presentation: 8/10

The game didn't look drop dead gorgeous, nor did it look so fugly that I'd turn on my monitor. It's average. The game ran very well at 60+FPS most of the time at max settings. There are a variety of enemy types to fight and the rare pieces of armor that you pick up can change your appearance as well as your stats.

The Good:

- Solid gameplay mechanics
- The Crucible adds remarkable replayability
- If you have someone to play with, you're in for a treat

The Bad:

- Graphics are a bit outdated
- Random bugs here and there
- Story isn't so original

FluffyBunnyPwn gives it 8/10.

X-Men First Class Review

Hollywood, take a good look at this movie and learn from it. This is how a prequel is supposed to be made.

"When you focus on that point that lies between rage and serendipity, the extraordinary can happen..."

I'm blown away. Best X-Men movie to date. I honestly wasn't a fan of the first three to begin with, and the Wolverine one just kinda sucked. With many movies out this summer, aka Hangover 2, Captain America, Thor, Transformers... it's easy for me to overlook this one. Just having the name "X-Men" in there gives me the impression that it will go down the same horrible road as the first three did. However, this movie proved me wrong, and I just love it when movies do that.

X-Men First Class is all about individualism. On the surface, it has cool superheroes with super powers, but under that layer hides a deep and meaningful theme concerning individualism. Feared by some and hated by others, they must do all they can to fit into the harsh society and at the same time, they must learn how to cope with their unique powers. Along comes Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, one who wishes to make peace with humankind and one who wishes to exterminate them before they terminate the mutants. X-Men First Class is about how the two best friends become archenemies.

This film was surprisingly emotional. Best emotional scene in the movie by far, not a spoiler by the way, is when Magneto tries to rotate a satellite. That scene screamed shonen jump to me in every way, yet it was deep and emotional. The relationships between the characters were great. There was one minor problem that I had with the movie though. Even though it's at least two hours long, it felt rushed. How I wish this movie would've been broken up into two parts to flesh out the story and the characters more. There was so much story to tell and so much character development to convey, yet there was so little time to do it all.

X-Men First Class is a GREAT start for a reboot of the franchise and I look forward to the upcoming movies. Definitely give this one at least one viewing. It's totally worth it.

FluffyBunnyPwn gives it 9/10.

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Game Preview: Saints Row: The Third

All I gotta say is wow. This trailer blew my mind. I've never played the other Saints Row games, but from what I've heard and seen, it plays kind of like Grand Theft Auto, except it has more style. And after watching the trailer, there's plenty of style indeed. The song in the trailer is Kanye West's Power. I'm also keeping my eye out for this one. It's coming out on 11.15.11 on PC, 360, and PS3.


Game Preview: Tomb Raider

This one is supposed to be a prequel to the Tomb Raider series. The CGI looks really nice, as expected of Square Enix. Purely judging from the trailer and things I've heard, this one is supposed to be more darker and grittier than the others in the franchise. I'm going to be keeping my eye on this one. It doesn't have a release date yet, but it's coming out on PC, 360, and PS3.


Song of the Day

I usually don't listen to Korean music but I like this mix

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FluffyBunnyPwn's Song of the Day: Kim Hyun Joong - Please

I admit I've been slacking on my song of the day entries. However, this song here was good enough to pull me back on track. This song has pretty good lyrics and is very reminiscent of Tae Yang's Wedding Dress in terms of style. Give it a listen!

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Greatest Crossover: Officers

Among the fields of war, officers are needed to help control armies. Thus, I will provide small assortments of characters to fill these positions.

1 Vanguard: Gao Shun (The Ravages of Time)
2 Adviser: Guo Jia (The Ravages of Time)
3 General of Cavalry: Wen Chou (The Ravages of Time)
4 General of Infantry: Xu Chu (The Ravages of Time)
5 General who Oversees: Cheng Yu (The Ravages of Time)
6 General of the Rear: Zhou Yu (The Ravages of Time)