Sunday, June 19, 2011


Three idiots stumbled into our domain. One by one they decided to try their luck at this game. One by one they imprinted their names (except 4DKitty, she never did anything). The Omegalisk looking dude made Perfect Dark. Oh how joyous we were, for the potential of a new competitor was on everyone's mind (not really, we woulda ate him like a fly). The Turtle who eats made a sensation with her K-music. Everyone saw a great future full of challenges from Anonymous Jay-walker. However, the Turtle disappeared from the face of the place.

Little did they affect the island of FluffyBunnyPwn, little were they noticed by anyone. Had they united together they might have overtaken the island. Now they will disappear into obscurity. They are Nikanoru (Breath of Fire 2 anyone?). Nikoranu, the dead ones. They were never alive, never here for life. No fame, no glory; only silence can be given to Nikoranu. They wanted to have a taste of fame and power. Now that they had their chance, they are gone.

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