Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: Nina

The Nina that I am going to be talking about is from Breath of Fire 2. Each Breath of Fire game has a Ryu and a Nina, and I am doing this on Breath of Fire 2's Nina. Basically, there is a kingdom called Windia, where the people are winged. Everyone has white wings, except for Nina who has black wings. She is one of the princesses of Windia, so the people of Windia are obviously scared. Nobody tells her the reason for this, so she goes through the game not knowing.

Nina attends the school of magic in Hometown and is one of the first characters to get recruited. As a pretty character, she and her sister Mina are wanted by a group of thieves. They capture Mina, and Nina is forced to go negotiate the return of Mina. With Bow in the party (he likes Mina), you accompany Nina and defeat the thieves.

Spoilers if you continue

Nina has a pretty sad past that continues into her present. Cursed with black wings, she is feared by the Windians. Her own parents feel better if she is not present. Later, when the power of the Great Bird is needed, Nina undergoes a ordeal to get the Great Bird power. The downside is that Nina will lose her memories forever. In the ordeal, Nina encounters the Nina from Breath of Fire 1, and then the reason for the weakening of the Windia people's powers (flight ability) is revealed. Breath of Fire 1's Nina married Ryu from the first game, and  the bloodline was weakened. This also sort of (I don't know how) explains Nina's black wings. Then, when Nina is about the receive her power, Mina comes along and BECOMES THE GREAT BIRD! The one person that cared about Nina early on is now a bird without memories. This is why The White Wings song is so good. It invokes this scene whenever the Great Bird is used for travel.

Rating: Favorite Nina of Breath of Fire

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