Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kar: Sidestory

Kar walked towards the grand city of Albaha, the greatest of the cities in the eastern region. There the best of smiths sold their creations, the most talented of mages sold their services. The strongest warriors sold their arms, the skilled poets sold their songs. The richest of merchants prospered, the aspiring ones begun their journey towards success. And the wise keepers of knowledge hid themselves from view. In his thirties, Kar himself could have been counted as one of those with knowledge.

It was to those keepers of knowledge that Kar went to, for he had with him the Book of Tyn. Accidentally discovered during the stay at the Prince of Rewald, Kar stole the old tome and looked through it. In it, Kar discovered the stories of Tyn, the well known sea-wanderer who's greatest achievement was to defeat the Gold Dragon of Somnalis. Tyn took the dragon's treasure, but where it went no one knew, for Tyn did not reveal such secrets. Hidden within the pages, though, was a clue to the treasure, a phrase that Kar could not comprehend.

Walking up to the door of a humble house, Kar mumbled a spell of revealing. To Kar, the house was grand, for the inside was well garnished. Kar knocked six times on the door, producing an irregular pattern that would have interested certain masters of magic. The door opened, and a youthful face appeared.

"You are no ordinary person if you know the secret knock. State your business,"

Kar, making well known his puzzled face, asked, "This is the Ragnor House where the sages meet?"

This time the young face looked puzzled. "You want the house three streets over. You can't miss it. It's bigger than anything else here."

Kar left, happy that his cunning worked out. In truth, many people knew about the secret knock to the black Market House. And so, Kar just asked about directions. People of power knew each other around Albaha, and Kar exploited the knowledge to find the location of the wise sages.

Kar knocked once on the door. An impatient man opened up and ushered Kar inside. Old men all inside. Not a single young face. Kar sat down in an empty seat.

"Now, we understand that you have something for us. Something that we have been wanting for a very long time,"

Kar smiled, knowing exactly what they were talking about. Years before he came, he inquired other individuals in town about the wise sages. One mage told Kar that the sages were always looking for old books that have been lost through war and the ravages of time. Afterward, Kar went on his quests and stole the ancient book from Rewald, knowing full well the value of it.

"You want the food of the gods, the most satisfying thing in the world. It satisfies all hunger and gives the most rewarding feelings. Fortunately for you, I have that right here," Kar joked.

"Little boy, how you joke with us, but that food of the gods that you speak of is called knowledge, and you have the book that we've been seeking. The Deeds of Rowan, the one that was lost for sixty years,"

Kar was puzzled. Perhaps they were not so wise after all. He decided to be frank and toss away all the sophisticated speeches that he prepared. "You're not seers after all. I have the Book of Tyn, not The Deeds of Rowan. And I'm damn sure that you want it."

A second man spoke up. "That is the same book. It seems that it has been given a new name during these times,"

Kar laughed to himself. "What bullshit! I have The Deeds of Rowan here as well. You are not sages at all but frauds. Nevertheless, I know that you have the largest collection of legends in these parts. I am willing to trade, though you might not like what you get,"

"What do you want, thief?"

Kar smiled at the compliment. So far, he had been called that name by no less than 6 men of power. "In this book, there is a reference to the Island of Bunnies. Strange as it may seem, I can't find anything on it, for even the most amateur of mages know that that island is home to some of the oldest lores. But you have all the books here. Surely I can find more from your supply of ancient tomes. I will let you have both these books if you allow me unlimited access to your library,"

With cunning oration, Kar obtained access to the most complete library in the eastern region. And with this, Kar begun on what many considered his greatest achievement: the discovery of the Island of the Bunnies. As recorded in The Deeds of Heroes, what Kar did there made him arguably one of the greatest heroes of all.

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