Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chronicles of FluffyBunnyPwn: Legend of The Ragnor Sword

           "Common swords are drawn to begin battles. This blade is drawn to end them."-Spirit of the Ragnor Blade.     
This song may make the story a bit more epic.

                  Before FluffyBunnyPwn guided the people of the island to peace and prosperity, the island was unnamed. The people of the island were unnamed. They were at war with themselves. Rebels against loyalists. Family against family. Brothers against brothers. The land was in chaos. The leader of the rebels was Schick, a respected general that once served under the Royal Family, the Bazaar. Schick had over 100,000 men willing to die for their cause of removing tyranny and bringing the peace to the people. The Bazaar had more than 300,000 soldiers willing to take down the rebels and restore order to the land. Both sides had their own reasons for war, for none of the reasons for fighting was wrong.

                One day, Schick was reported that a local mining town found an unknown ore. The scholars under Schick’s command, concluded that the ore should be named Ragnor, after a god-like blacksmith. Word spread like wildfire. The Bazaar obtained information of the unknown ore, and decided to take it for themselves. The Bazaar readied their army of 200,000 in less than 3 months, ready to march into the rebel’s base. Schick had the ore forged into a sword called the Ragnor Blade. It gleamed with power, with justice, and with courage. The rebels were confident about the positive outcome of the civil war. General Bohrok, was one of the Bazaar’s best generals, led the invasion.

                Hearing the horns of battle, the rebel scouts spotted the Bazaar’s army. The scouts estimated that the army would reach the base in less than a week. Schick mustered the 10,000 men that he had under his command in two days. The rebels were equipped with iron armor, while the Bazaar’s army wore steel armor to battle. In the four days that followed, Schick prepared strategies and traps for the Bazaar’s army. Hearing that the Bazaar’s army was led by General Bohrok himself, and with 200,000 men under him, the rebels lost their confidence. Schick ordered his men to stay calm and guard the base, while he went out to scout the enemy for himself on horseback.

                Schick rode into the forest at nightfall. The forest was quiet. Suddenly, Shick heard a voice. The voice was of two girls, singing. He explored the forest deeper to find the meaning of their song. When Shick spotted the two girls, the two girls suddenly ran up to him. Shick raised the Ragnor blade at them. Instead the two girls touched the Ragnor Blade and begin to sing. The Ragnor Blade glowed with intense light. Shick threw the sword to the ground, for it was burning with light. The light from the Ragnor Blade assumed a form of a woman. The woman explained the outcome of the battle. Shick’s forces will lose; the rebels will eventually disband because of the weak leadership of the future leaders. Shick asked the woman what he needed to do to win the battle. The woman told him in riddle, “Common blades are drawn to begin battles. This blade drawn to end them.” Shick knew what had to be done. He thanked the woman for her advice, and the light from the sword disappeared along with the two girls. Shick headed back to base to inform the rebels of his vision.

                The next day dawned. The drums of war could be heard from a long distance away. The sun shined on the Bazaar’s army.  The rebels, unsure of Shick’s decision, looked afraid. Shick, all by himself, walked in front of the base, and into the battlefield. General Bohrok signaled his troops to standby, for he did not know if Shick was going to lure them into a trap. Shick gripped his blade, and raised it to the sky. The Bazaar’s army laughed how stupid Shick looked. The sun’s rays shined on Shick, instead of the Bazaar’s army. The army was confused at Shick’s power. Shick pointed the Ragnor Blade at the enemy, motioning them to charge forward. Without General Bohrok’s order, the army rushed into the battlefield. Shick charged forward.

                The rebels watched as Shick’s effort to stop the army was in vain. Shick had no chance. His plan was to provide the rebels enough time to run away before they were slaughtered by the Bazaar’s army. With the last of his strength,  Shick picked a spear off of a dead soldier, and placed it on his back, to help him stand. Blood dripped from his face. His body was worn out, but his eyes still had the will to fight. Thousands of bodies littered on the battlefield. The Bazaar’s army was in shock. They backed away from the brave general. General Bohrok came forth from the crowd. He was amazed at Shick’s strength. General Bohrok dismounted from his horse, walked towards Shick, and lowered his head to Shick.

                “When the sun chose you today, I knew the outcome of the battle. You, Shick, have my respect, and the respect of the men that you have slain and stand before you. I now surrender to you. I wish to join your rebellion.”

                With these words, General Bohrok vowed to join Shick’s rebellion. The Bazaar received news of their best general and two-thirds of their soldiers are now under the rebel’s side. Shick, along with the rebels, stormed the castle within months. The Bazaar’s army was overwhelmed, and surrendered to Shick. The war was over. The battles of the civil war were recorded in the history of the island. Shick retired from the army to live a peaceful life in a village. Shick hid the Ragnor Blade to prevent future battles to the land unnamed land. When people asked Shick what he had done with the Legendary Ragnor Blade, and Shick replied,

                “Countless of blades were drawn for battle. The Ragnor Blade was drawn to end them.”


  1. ragnor blade???? wat kind of name is that for a sword? Lile the stories though sooo keep it up!!! :D

  2. the original name for the sword was suppose to be Ragnarök Sword, but it was too long so i shortened it down to Ragnor Sword.