Monday, April 18, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: Full Frontal

Full Frontal is Gundam Unicorn's Char Aznable. In fact, he is an artificial clone of Char Aznable. He even has the voice. The manly, confident, charismatic, exceptional, powerful, manipulative, insert-adjective-here voice that is undeniably that of Char Aznable. And he has the skills to back it up. After all, he is known as the Second Coming of Char. And he pilots a red mobile suit. It's actually called Sinanju, and it's more powerful than Char's Sazabi.

And if you saw the way that Full Frontal fought in Gundam Unicorn (soon to have a post about it), you would probably agree with me that Full Frontal is a damn good pilot. Living up to the legend of the Red Comet, Full Frontal easily decimates the Federation forces (almost without support), and he gives the technologically superior Gundam Unicorn a run for its money (and it costs a lot of money to make mobile suits, I'll bet). Just his voice and combat abilities makes him a worthy character for me to post on. And Gundam Unicorn isn't even done yet. There's still more that he can do.

Rating: Badass Pilot

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