Sunday, April 17, 2011

Psychic (2010) Review

Synopsis: After losing his job at a scrap metal yard, Kyu-Nam (Ko Su) finds a new job at a small pawn shop named Utopia. He is immediately drawn to the family atmosphere at Utopia, working with his new boss Jung-Sik (Byeon Hie-Bong) and boss's daughter Young-Sook (Jung Eun-Chae). Unfortunately for Kyu-Nam, his moment of happiness will only be fleeting. Cho-In (Kang Dong-Won) lived through a brutal childhood. He has had to use a prosthetic leg since an early age, grew up with an abusive father and lived with a mother who at one point attempted to kill her own son out of despair. Cho-In also possesses an awe-inspiring supernatural gift. Cho-In can control other people's minds when they are within his field of sight.One fateful day, Cho-In walks into the Utopia pawn shop to steal whatever money exists in the safe. Not expecting much resistance, Cho-In is surprised to find one man at the Utopia pawn shop is able to break free from his mind control abilities. That man is Kyu-Nam. Cho-In then resorts to killing the owner of pawn shop to make his escape. All of this is captured on CCTV. "An epic battle will soon occur between these two people with supernatural abilities and nothing to lose."

A refreshing take on the sci-fi thriller genre.

"You will wish you've never met me. Oh? I'll make you wish you've never met me."

With two of Korea's top stars in this movie along with a fresh idea, this film caused heads to turn when it first came out. This movie focuses on two individuals, one who can control anyone within his line of sight, and one whose own free will does not allow himself to be controlled. Their rivalry reminds me of L and Light's rivalry in Death Note. One of those "if they've met on different terms, they would've became best friends" sort of rivalry.

As entertaining as it was, it was never clearly explained why or how these two individuals acquired their powers. There were a lot of stuff left unexplained and some characters get killed off too quickly. The beginning was also sort of a drag, but it gets really intense later on in the movie.

Regardless of its flaws, this movie was entertaining till the end.


FluffyBunnyPwn gives it 8/10 overall.

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