Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Classic Horror is the Best Horror

With the boom of modern horror movies, there's sure to be good ones and there's sure to be crappy ones. As technology evolved, scares were more reliant on CGI and loud noises. After a while, it would seem as if you watch one horror movie, then you've seen them all. Even the Japanese long-haired Sadako ghost girl who scared the shit out of millions of people when Ringu first came out became nothing more than a girl who needed a haircut. Right when we thought the Sadako ghost era was over, along came Shutter, a fantastic Thai movie that introduced a new concept to the horror genre and is now completely overused in other movies. Slasher flicks suffer the most. You can only stab someone in the stomach so many times before it gets boring. Fortunately SAW came along and made killing and torturing a little more creative, but also suffered the "when is this series going to end?" syndrome.

Which leads me to my point. Recently I came across a clip of a Japanese horror movie which was made waaay back in 1969. The title of the film? Hiroku Kaibyoden, also known as The Haunted Castle, which is based on a famous Japanese folktale about a ghost cat haunting a family in the Samurai era.

Clip here:

Did that scare you? Sure scared me. I've seen dozens of scary movies and I'm an avid fan of horror movie, especially foreign ones. As of recent, Insidious is the only horror movie that really stood out to me. Seeing that clip that I found really made me realize that real scares aren't based on CGI and jumpy parts. Real scares rely heavily on atmosphere, mood, tone, color, and sound.

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