Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: Jean

HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER! Jean from Breath of Fire 2 is a fantastic character. At first, Jean is in a giant frog form because he is cursed by a witch. Of course, (invoking the kiss the frog trope) to get Jean into his real form, Nina or Katt has to kiss him. After doing so, Jean turns into (insert powerful music here, preferably Golden Sun's Venus Lighthouse theme) a smaller frog form. Yep, Jean's true form is really a frog.

And so, here is another frog character. Glenn/Kaeru/Frog from Chrono Trigger is a damn good frog character. Jean is another one. Frog characters are actually pretty good, agreed? (if you don't say yes, domodragon53 will murder you because Frog is very dear to him). Frog Jean is unquestionably modeled after the stereotypical Frenchman because of the way he talks and acts. Jean is very laid back, not caring when an impostor replaces him as prince. However, he is a very caring character, especially for his sister.

Unfortunately, I did not use Frog Jean a lot in my Breath of Fire 2 playthroughs. His spells weren't magnificent, and there were already other interesting characters like Nina and Sten available. Nevertheless, it was always useful to use his giant frog mode to get to secret places and avoid enemy encounters. Frog Jean can fuse with a shaman combination to get a powerful warrior with a one hit KO to all enemies attack, but I never tried it. Overall, Frog  Jean is a damn good character, but not in Breath of Fire 2. I did this post just to counter domodragon53's Frog character and to get some advertisement for my future Breath of Fire 2 posts.

Rating: Best French Frog Ever (to not piss off domodragon53 and Frog)

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