Friday, April 22, 2011

Best of Anime Soundtrack: Pokemon (Part 1)

Pokemon... probably one of the first "anime" to come into my life. Pokemon was everything. Pokemon games, Pokemon cards, and who can forget the Pokemon anime series. Here are my best picks of the Pokemon anime soundtrack, Kanto Region.

Pokemon The First Movie-Pokemon Theme by Billy Crawford: The first official remix of the Pokemon Theme song. Played when Ash was fighting a random trainer, I could not believe how more awesome the theme song could become.

Pokemon Kanto-Tears After the Cloudy Weather: "Pikachu go and get into the PokeBall. Hurry, its the only way." Turns to face the enemy Pokemon. "Spearows, do you know who I am? I'm Ash from the town of Pallet! I am destined to be the world's number one Pokemon Master! I can't be defeated by the likes you! I'm going to capture and deafeat you all!" Straight from episode 1, Pikachu is in need of medical attention, but Ash and Pikachu are being pursued by a flock of Spearows. This is one of the saddest scenes in Pokemon. In this scene, you can see the bond of Pikachu and Ash latch on at the instance Pikachu runs up Ash's arms and uses Thunderbolt. Tears After the Cloudy Weather deserves a spot on this list.

Pokemon Kanto-Kanto Gym(Intense Action):This song was Pokemon's "epic" song. When Pikachu dodges Dragonite's Hyper Beam by using his tail as a spring...BAM! This song plays. Everytime Ash's Pokemon does something beyond their limits, this song plays. This song is so epic, even I get goosebumps, partialy due to nostalgia overload.

Pokemon Kanto-A Meeting and Parting: To get something, one must lose something. It is the law of alchemy, the equivilant exchange. What I got from this anime was a wonderful expierence, but I lost was joy and excitement Pokemon gave to me. This song is played everytime Ash departs his beloved Pokemon. I recall a scene, where Ash releases his Butterfrie to go live with the others. Because one must live with their own kind, like grow up with all the other kids and discard Pokemon.

Pokemon Kanto-Reunion: I go to my attic to find an item. As I move a box aside, I hear something plastic drop to the ground. I look around, fearing it was the item I was looking was dropped. As I peer over the box, I see my old Pokemon Red game. BAM! This song plays. As stated above, something must be given to obtain something. But even things beyond our reasoning can defy laws. My amazment of Pokemon is still the same. My expierence with Pokemon is still the same. After listening to this song, I believe that the creators of Pokemon also created life long lessons for us to come.

Excuse me while I go train my level 11 Charmander.

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