Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: Locke

Locke, from Final Fantasy VI, is a thief by trade and a treasure hunter by name. He supports the resistance against the Empire, and takes care of Terra when she is rescued from the Narshe mines. Locke tries to convince the Narshe leaders to help out the Rebels, but he is refused. During Locke's solo playthrough, he rescues Celes, a general of the Empire. She is jailed for refusing to take part in killing the people of Doma, and she joins Locke. For the rest of the story, Locke and Celes develop a relationship, but neither is willing to admit it. The reason for this is partly because of Locke's past.

As a playable character, Locke is average. He is a physical fighter, his magic sucks, and his special command (steal) is not used much. Nevertheless, he is present for a lot of the game, so if you use Locke, his level will probably be higher than others. I used Locke primarily because of his past and his connection to Celes.

Spoilers ahead. Don't look unless you already know/want to know.

Yes, Locke used to go out with a girl called Rachael. They did everything together. However, in a cave, the ground collapses, and Locke is about to fall. Rachael does a mad dash and pushes Locke out of the way, falling in his place. Rachael wakes up without any memories of Locke, and she doesn't want to see Locke because her parents are always angry when Locke shows up. Later, Locke arrives to see Rachael when she is dying, and she finally remembers Locke. Rachael dies, but Locke contacts a medicine man, and Rachael's body is preserved. The only way to bring her back to life is with the Phoenix esper. Guess what happens later in the story?

Afterwards, Locke and Celes reveal their feelings to each other. In the ending, Rachael is about to fall through a crack in the ground, and (can you guess it yet at this point?) Locke does a mad dash and saves her. This time, no one is seriously injured, and they can be together.
Rating: Amorous Treasure Hunter

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