Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anime and Video Game Characters: Rosa (Final Fantasy 4)

"Cecil of the red wings is many things. But he's no coward.
Not the Cecil who I love."  - Rosa

Bio: Rosa is Cecil’s lover. Because of Cecil, Rosa becomes a White Mage to help Cecil in his adventures. After Cecil leaves the kingdom for a mission, Rosa fears that Cecil is in danger and sets out to find Cecil herself. She contracts the sickness called Desert Fever and the only cure for it is the Sand Pearl. Cecil defeats the monster that guards the Sand Pearl, and revives Rosa from the sickness. Rosa then joins Cecil’s party, and the rest is history.

Why Choose Her: Rosa is gentle and caring by nature. She has a strong will, and Rosa would stand with Cecil, even if it means death. She is terrible at fighting, but one of the best healers in the game. Rosa’s ability, Pray, allows a certain amount of both HP and MP to be restored. And… she’s hot….

Look at that...face...
Epic Moment: More like… romantic moment… After Cecil and Kain are both forced to go on a mission, Rosa awaits in Cecil’s room to talk to Cecil. Cecil doubts his king’s intention, but Rosa comforts Cecil. She is the “angel” on Cecil’s shoulder. So… romantic…

Here is the cut scene from the DS version:

Rosa’s Theme-Theme of Love (one of my favorite songs from the Final Fantasy):
Rating: Best Supporting Female Protagonist

(Edit) This is a counter-post to SoaringHawks’ post about Nina.


  1. OMG!!!! rosa is one of the hottest final fantasy girl ever!!!11

  2. Ahh... Poor Kain. Rosa may never b urs but u could be mines

  3. I love this final fantasy couple because there perfect IV been looking for Japanese ff 4 scene of were after tower of zot or babil o don't really know but in USA version Cecil and Rosa hug but Japanese version thay kiss.....