Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chronicles of FluffyBunnyPwn: Legend of The Sword of Songs

"Swing it once, it sings the song of battle. Swing it twice it sings the song of victory"-Stribog

Listen to this music while reading the story... it will make the story much more epic.

                With the Sword of Songs in his hand, the physical form of FluffyBunnyPwn stood in the plains of the island, only to be greeted by a gust of wind. The wind demon, An-Port, has been terrorizing the island of FluffyBunnyPwn, causing the people of the island to pray FluffyBunnyPwn for help. FluffyBunnyPwn has tracked the demon for months, and has now cornered it. An-Port assumed the form of a humanoid being, with a cloth covering his face. Suddenly, with the raise of his hand, An-Port shot a blast of cold air to FluffyBunnyPwn. FluffyBunnyPwn ran towards An-Port, dodging the spell, and unsheathing his sword. An-Port unsheathed his sword, the legendary SumiHomura. Both the swords clashed in the plains as the wind blew passed them.  FluffyBunnyPwn executed the “Cyclone” tech, only to be surprised that An-Port countered the attack so easily. With a hard push from An-Port, FluffyBunnyPwn was knocked back, but kept his balance. An-Port casted a magical barrier from the wind, taunted FluffyBunnyPwn to come forward. FluffyBunnyPwn ran to An-Port and struck the barrier, only to be knocked back again. Sensing the power of the barrier and of An-Port, FluffyBunnyPwn pulled out a card from thin air, chanted ancient words, that allowed the barrier to be de-spelled. An-Port, not surprised by FluffyBunnyPwn’s magic, also pulled out an ancient card of his own. He chanted ancient words. Suddenly, the ground shook. The ground itself was ripped open and a flash of light shot to the sky. An-Port has just summoned a creature, and infused himself with it. His final form, Carra-Gan, a corrupted wind dragon.

                Out of a desperate move, Carra-Gan blasted a large blue fireball towards FluffyBunnyPwn. FluffyBunnyPwn tighten his grip on the sword, ready to reflect the fireball back at Carra-Gan, only to be blinded by a flash of light. When he recovered, FluffyBunnyPwn lost sight of the fireball, and was trying to find what the flash of light was from. Glancing up into the sky, FluffyBunnyPwn saw the fireball flying towards Carra-Gan. He looked closer, realizing what that flash of light was, FluffyBunnyPwn sprouted wings from his back and flew to the sky. Side by side, Domo was joined in the sky by FluffyBunnyPwn. Domo’s Lion-Gauntlets were flaming with blue fire. Carra-Gan flew towards the two gods, with a roar from Domo, both FluffyBunnyPwn and Domo raced towards Carra-Gan. Carra-Gan used his claws to swipe Domo out of the sky, but Domo held onto Carra-Gan’s claws, and threw Carra-Gan at FluffyBunnyPwn. FluffyBunnyPwn readied his sword and managed to cut Carra-Gan’s tail off. Carra-Gan, out of anger, charged for another long range attack. Suddenly ancient text formed around Carra-Gan, followed by circle encasing Carra-Gan in it. SoaringHawk, from nowhere, ripped Carra-Gan’s left wing, with his Partisan Lance. Carra-Gan broke free from the “Spell Binding Circle”. He regenerated his ripped wing back, followed by stream of a “Hyper-Beam”. The three gods avoided the blast from Carra-Gan, just to be followed by more. The gods were not able to get close to Carra-Gan. Carra-Gan was pushing the gods of FluffyBunnyPwn back.

                Domo and SoaringHawk flew straight towards Carra-Gan. Domo grabbed onto SoaringHawk’s leg, and threw him to Carra-Gan, allowing SoaringHawk to fly over his top speed. SoaringHawk pointed the Partisan Lance forward, a lance with a blade like a giant feather from a legendary bird. SoaringHawk flew straight to the chest of Carra-Gan. Carra-Gan shrieked a high pitched noise that caused SoaringHawk to pull away from Carra-Gan. FluffyBunnyPwn, seeing his chance to strike, summoned the twin sisters, Lusim and Inum. The twins sang a duet, a duet that calmed the sky, a duet that caused the world to stop spinning for a moment. “Swing the it once, and it sings the song of battle. Swing it twice, and it sings the song of victory.” The Sword of Songs glowed brightly, bright enough for the sun to shine through the clouds. Carra-Gan suddenly flew towards FluffyBunnyPwn at top speed. He struck FluffyBunnyPwn, only to be blocked by the sword. FluffyBunnyPwn sliced the arms off the dragon. Domo flew in between the damaged dragon and FluffyBunnyPwn, and used the “Gal-Ken Punch” that blasted the dragon away from the gods. Waiting on the other side, SoaringHawk readied his spear, and used “Jump-Break” striking Carra-Gan from the bottom, allowing Carra-Gan to be pushed higher into the air. Exposed to the blue sky, above the dark clouds and now able to see the bright sun, Carra-Gan roared at the three gods. Suddenly, a shining light appeared underneath the dark clouds. Carra-Gan readied himself for a counter-attack. He opened his mouth to charge another blue fireball. Releasing the blue fireball towards the light, Carra-Gan concentrated on regenerating himself. He looked down, just to see the blue fireball split in half. Without any warning, the light suddenly shot up to Carra-Gan’s head. The Sword of Songs stabbed right under his throat and into his brain, causing the corrupted dragon to fall down to the ground.

                Carra-Gan’s body fell onto the ground, surrounded by the three gods. FluffyBunnyPwn, SoaringHawk, and Domo burned the body of the dead dragon. They threw the ashes across the sky, the sea, and the lands, to prevent Carra-Gan from resurrecting himself. Peace is restored onto the island of FluffyBunnyPwn. The gods ascended to the heavens. The people of the island celebrated for days and gave many offerings to the gods. FluffyBunnyPwn, in the act of kindness, dropped the Sword of Songs onto the island, where it can be always praised by the people. The people of the island holds a fighting tournament each year, with the winner of the tournament to be bestowed upon the light of the legendary Sword of Songs.


  1. Sounds like you have to read it fast cause of the beat

  2. Cooleo! It sounds like you have a pretty good concept going.