Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dian Wei

Dian Wei is...a monster. He is loyal to Cao Cao. So loyal, in fact, that he dies so that Cao Cao can escape from Zhang Xiu. His loyalty is on par with Guan Yu's loyalty towards Liu Bei.

In terms of strength, Dian Wei is also a monster. He is actually an assassin in The Ravages of Time, so he easily kills all the assassins sent by Lu Bu. Then he fights Lu Bu and gets whooped. Twice. At the end of Puyang, though, Dian Wei shows an insane burst of power and overpowers Lu Bu. Dian Wei is about to kill Lu Bu but is only stopped because of Zhang Liao. Yes, the Lu Bu. Then Dian Wei defeats Liaoyuan Huo at Xuzhou because Dian Wei was able to kill someone under the care of the greatest assassin.

Dian Wei dies just like in history, but not the way you think. You see, Huo comes to try to kill Cao Cao, and Dian Wei accidentally intercepts. Remember, this is the warrior who feels no pain, who fought Lu Bu to a draw, and defended Xuzhou from Guo Jia's attacks. Dian Wei fights Huo to a draw, both of them bloodied and dying. Then Dian Wei gets in one last attack and almost kills Huo. The spear is stuck in Huo's body and into the ground. Then Dian Wei kills a thousand of Zhang Xiu's soldiers. Just before he kills Zhang Xiu, Huo comes from behind and slices Dian Wei in half. This guy is a monster. He would have been Cao Cao's strongest warrior had he lived.

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