Saturday, April 9, 2011

Audiosurf, Ride Your Music!

What I hated about Guitar Hero and DDR was the limited music. However, Audiosurf goes over this limitation, making this game one of my favorites.

You pick the music, and the game will design a level for it. The music determines the amount of blocks, speed of the level, and the level design. There is no limit to the music. Just pick and play!

The objective game is to collect colored blocks and avoid grey blocks to the high score. The controls are swift and easy, allowing easy maneuvers to dodge blocks and obtain them. You can use the arrow keys to move the ship side to side, or you can use the mouse to move too. Speed is determined by the music that is chosen, and it will affect the game play dramatically. There are different types of difficulty, and game modes that adds on to the fun.

The game looks beautiful. The color of the road and the blocks are determined by the music and by the speed of the music. If the music started out slow, then the road and the blocks would be blue. Then suddenly, the music goes fast. The road and the blocks becomes red and the blocks are flying like crazy. The level designs are creative such as loops during a fast paced tune, or bumpy in a tune with lots of beats.

The Good:
-Unlimited music at your will.
-Great controls for dodging blocks.
-Beautiful levels and awesome designs.

The Bad:
-Frustration because of the intense speed of some levels.

Final Score:9/10

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