Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dragon Warriors 2(Gameboy Remake) Part 2 of the Erdrick/Loto Trilogy

Dragon Warriors 2 also came with the Dragon Warriors 1 remake for the Game Boy, so why not give it a review.


Set one hundred years after Dragon Warriors 1, evil has showed up again and as the descendent of the hero from Dragon Warriors 1, you must stop the evil force. But not alone this time! In Dragon Warriors 2, two of your relatives will help you fight evil. You are basically the warrior of the party, and your cousins are the defensive members. The story is simple and easy to follow on. The map is bigger than Dragon Warriors 1, which allows for more exploration.


Very similar to Dragon Warriors 1, Dragon Warriors 2 introduces new things to the series. It introduces the transportation of the boat, and unlike Final Fantasy that was released that year, the boat could be docked anywhere and not just to a port. It allowed weapons to be used for magic, as a substitute for the use of fighting. As a remake, experience and gold are given more at the end of the battle than the original. The translation of this remake is more reliable than the SNES remake. Just like Dragon Warriors 1, most of the game play will be used up on grinding.


The graphics were similar to Dragon Warriors 1. Not much has changed.

The Good:

-More party members

-More save locations

-Transportation of the boat

-Larger world

The Bad:


Final Score-9/10

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