Friday, April 15, 2011

Zhao Yun

Zhao Yun is known as the bravest general serving Liu Bei in Dynasty Warrior. In The Ravages of Time, this guy is a lot different. He is actually an assassin (little is known about Zhao Yun before his service with Liu Bei so Chan Mou has a lot of freedom to write what he wants). Zhao Yun's name is Liaoyuan Huo, and he serves the Handicapped Warriors. The assassin group is loyal to the Sima clan, and Sima Yi (the strategist who rivals Zhuge Liang) leads the clan. At first, Huo's handicap seems to be his lack of an eye, but it is actually the inability to feel pain.

Huo is able to fight against Lu bu evenly and gives other officers a lot of trouble. He frequently fights against armies by himself and is one of the most powerful characters in terms of strength and strategy. Huo has a close relationship with Xiao Meng (i think an original character) and Xiao Meng's death causes changes in Zhao Yun. After Xiapi, Huo adopts his name, Zhao Yun.

Initially, Zhao Yun was my favorite character. That was until other chracters like Sun Ce and Jia Xu were introduced. Compared to them, Zhao Yun is not as interesting. That doesn't stop Zhao Yun from being one of the better characters, though. He disappears from the storyline after a while, but in the recent chapters, he has been getting more appearances.

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