Sunday, April 10, 2011

Xiahou Dun

I guess I will be doing some character analysis from The Ravages of Time since there are so many of them. First up is Xiahou Dun, one of Cao Cao's best generals. In the majority of Dynasty Warrior games, he is already wearing his eyepatch. In The Ravages of Time, he begins with both eyes and loses one in the campaign against Lu Bu at Xiapi. He is reputed to be able to see one thousand li (I don't know the distance in miles or kilometers), and he is able to fight as well as command.

In the grand scheme of things, though, Xiahou Dun is actually unimpressive. He has no outstanding traits that make him unique. He is not powerful enough to fight by himself (he is able to for a moment after he loses his eye), he loses repeatedly against other officers, and his thinking ability is not good enough to stand out. In short, he is a mediocre talent, but he knows what needs to be done.

I'll just leave you with a taste of what he's like. (Remember, read right to left)


  1. From wikipedia, "li" has generally been only about a third as long as the mile

    - merc

  2. Thank you. And I may have been mistaken about 1000 li because that would make it over 300 miles.

  3. Never mind. Guo Jia does say that Xiahou Dun's left eye can see a thousand li.