Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sun Ce

"Lu Bu with the wisdom of Sun Tzu", that is the best way to describe Sun Ce. This guy is probably my favorite character. Son of Sun Jian, Sun Ce was forced to work under Yuan Shu until Sun Ce was "killed" for the imperial seal. Sun Ce employs many of Lu Bu's strategies like faking his death and charging straight into battle. What is so surprising is that Sun Ce is not who you really think he is when you first see him. This deceptiveness is what Sun Ce likes to use.

Sun Ce begins off with a small army, but he leaves as the ruler of the eastern region. He seems to employ horrid methods to achieve victory, but they are the same as the Dark Arts of War. He is perhaps the most humane warlord towards his men. He values every single person's life, and understands what they are going through because he is the son of a loyalist. This understanding is probably why he is regarded as "the closest person to god in this era".

In terms of being a fighter, Sun Ce is every bit the warrior that Lu Bu was. He is just as strong. He whooped Zhang Liao's ass, unmounted Xu Huang, got pass Cao Cao's Leopard and Tiger Cavalry by himself and then finally gets stopped by Guan Yu. I don't know about you, but that is a pretty big achievement. The Leopard and Tiger Cavalry is Cao Cao's strongest force, Zhang Liao and Xu Huang are Cao Cao's best generals, and Guan Yu is the new God of War after Lu Bu dies. To do all that in one battle is amazing.

Like in real life, Sun Ce dies. I didn't want Sun Ce to die. The Ravages of Time has some fictional elements to it, but it killed off everyone where history said to. But Chan Mou also said that history is not the full truth. A mix of folklore and history is probably more accurate because the winners write history. So when Sun Ce was shot with an arrow, I was thinking "shit, I guess it was time for Sun Ce to go". But the part afterward is amazing. I will not spoil it. You will have to read it. But like in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Sun Ce dies a horrible death.

Unlike my other posts, I will not put up any images from the manhua. That would ruin one of Sun Ce's greatest ploys.

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