Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Greatest Crossover: Officers

Among the fields of war, officers are needed to help control armies. Thus, I will provide small assortments of characters to fill these positions.

1 Vanguard: Gao Shun (The Ravages of Time)
2 Adviser: Guo Jia (The Ravages of Time)
3 General of Cavalry: Wen Chou (The Ravages of Time)
4 General of Infantry: Xu Chu (The Ravages of Time)
5 General who Oversees: Cheng Yu (The Ravages of Time)
6 General of the Rear: Zhou Yu (The Ravages of Time)

 First, let me say that this is not actually a crossover of different universes but just a reworking of the Ravages of Time universe. The reason for this: many of the great characters of other universes are actually pretty self sufficient by themselves. By this I mean that they are overpowered individuals who always have a way of getting out of any trouble. Now, I understand that there are many characters that do not fall into this category, but since I know The Ravages of Time better than I know other universes, I just picked from there.

1. Gao Shun as Vanguard: Gao Shun deserves to be here. While serving Lu Bu, Gao Shun led the Chargers, a fearless cavalry troop, and decimated Cao Cao many times over. This guy and his army gave Cao Cao more trouble than any other troop until Guandu. With power in his limbs and loyalty in his heart, Gao Shun would render many units scared out of their wits and crying back home (at this point though they would be dead). Even if Gao Shun somehow gets dismounted, he fights amazingly on ground, too. This guy would clear the path for the other main attackers, but he just might single-handedly lead the Chargers to victory.

2. Guo Jia as Adviser: Guo Jia....what needs to be said about this guy? This genius has two back-up plans for every major plan that he has. In addition to that, he can read the enemy pretty well. When Liu Bei came to help in Xuzhou, Guo Jia immediately and accurately guessed that Liu Bei brought no more than 200 troops (or something like's been a while since I read that scene). As the Adviser, Guo Jia would be in charge of making the big plans, and he's damn good at that.

3. Wen Chou as General of the Cavalry: I realize that there are many other good choices for this position, but honestly, they are pretty much self centered individuals who take matters too much into their own hands. Lu Bu and Sun Ce, while powerful, would break from Guo Jia's plans and run amok, killing whoever they wanted and probably falling for the other side's traps. Wen Chou, on the other hand, would likely follow the planned setup and adapt accordingly to whatever the enemy throws at him (demonstrated by him following Yuan Fang's strategies). After all, Wen Chou is also called one of the "brave but reckless" people.

4. Xu Chu as General of the Infantry: What's not to like about this choice? Xu Chu, the giant among men, armored in warhorse armor, donning a ninja-like mask and wielding a giant axe. They enemy would get scared right off the bat if they hadn't already been scared away by Gao Shun. In addition to this, Xu Chu's very presence raises the morale of the infantry, for who isn't glad to have him on their side? The only shortcoming in choosing Xu Chu is that he seems to have no experience leading men.

5. Cheng Yu as General who Oversees: Cheng Yu hasn't had a post yet, and he probably won't for a while. The first time that I noticed him was during the Xuzhou battle, and he was the one who realized that Guo Jia needed to be told of the Chisongzi incident right away. Cheng Yu is smart, and if there were no Eight Geniuses, he would shine. As such, he is perfect to overseeing anything that might go wrong.

6. Zhou Yu as General of the Rear: Now, Zhou Yu doesn't have a post yet, but I'm pretty sure that he will get his one day. After all, Zhou Yu is one of the Eight Geniuses. Zhou Yu knows Sun Tzu's Art of War pretty well, and he knows how to conserve energy and make others use up energy better than anyone else. While Sun Ce takes the glory and action, Zhou Yu does the backup plans and sets up the escape routes. That is how Sun Ce captures Liu Biao's 5000 ships. All thanks to Zhou Yu's genius. So, this guy would know how to set up reinforcements and retreat, conserve energy and keep morale high, make others hesitant and bring confidence to the front line.

Now, ordinarily there would be many officers to fill in these roles, but I don't have the knowledge of how the military works, so even this post is kinda sketchy. Nevertheless, these would be the guys that I would choose to lead a hegemon's forces, though I, of course, left out Zhuge Liang, Gan Ning, and all the other tough guys that deserve a spot. That is why I'll probably make a second post and maybe even a third post to combat this force that I set up.

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