Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lu Bu

Lu Bu, the strongest there, is; the strongest there ever will be. Able to take advantage of opportunities and rise to power. Able to defeat any officer without trouble. Among horses, Red Hare. Among men, Lu Bu.

Lu Bu is not stupid like in Dynasty Warriors. Lu Bu comes into the story as one of the smartest characters before more renowned talents appear. He is Dong Zhuo's second strategist and makes a fool of all the characters. His ambition is huge; even while serving Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu makes schemes to become the controller of the emperor. Lu Bu succeeds in an amazing scheme that destroys everyone important to Dong Zhuo. As for his fighting prowess, there is no need to elaborate. His reputation of being the God of War lasts longer than he does. He beats armies of soldiers by himself many times, and he beats many officers in the story. He beats Yuan Shu's General From Heaven Ji Ling decisively, takes out Liu Bei's Zhang Fei, beats Yuan Shao's Wen Chou, and (his most outstanding achievement) defeating all of Cao Cao's officers at the same time single-handedly. Twice. While surrounded by Cao Cao's army. If that's not badass, I don't know what is.

Lu Bu is the epitome of brains and brawns. His ideology is different from most of the other characters. His idea is that living is the most important thing. Doing otherwise is just wasting life. Lu Bu performs his most heroic act at Xiapi. It does not involve any fighting. It is Lu Bu (spoiler alert)......I'm not going to say it. Xiapi is where Lu Bu dies.

Lu Bu is without a doubt the most interesting character in The Ravages of Time. No one is his equal. To prove this, I'll leave some images of him.


  1. Enjoying all your character introductions & analysis. Just wanted to clarify that Lu Bu defeated Yuan Shu's general Ji Ling.
    The Li Jing that you wrote of was a real heavenly general, who was also the father of Nezha. ^.^;

    1. Thank you for pointing out my mistake! Yes, I do mean that Lu Bu defeated Ji Ling haha.